22 diciembre 2009

ARASAAC Portal in english.

Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication gathers in a unique site all the materials, software, pictures and pictograms that facilitate communication of those of our pupils who have educative needs of communication. It also intends to become a useful resource for every teacher, providing sets of tools that ease preparation of their own materials. With that objective in mind, all the materials and tools are presented in a free way under Creative Commons license.

With the aim of ARASAAC being known and used worldwide as an international pictographic communication system, today, we put into service the site in English.

To access the portal in English just click on "Welcome" (located at the top right of the portal). From these lines we want to welcome all users that, from now, read us in English.

¡Ya hemos dado otro pasito más! ;)

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