24 junio 2010

TICO Project translate to english :)

As you can see, we continue working in all the projects. Now, we have translate the TICO Project to english.

For a better undestarding, copy and paste from Teaching Learners with multiple neeeds:

"Tico is a free, open source symbol (or text) based dynamic display AAC program for the Windows operating
system. The Tico Project is part of the collaborative project between the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering from the Higher Polytechnic Center of the University of Zaragoza and Public School Special Education Alborada. Tico's software and hardware for individuals with physical and or cognitive disabilities.

When in Editor boards can be created and re-arranged as needed. Currently the software requires recorded speech, but the application supports making those recordings right in the button editing pop-up window (You can also record video there!)

Tico is able to be used in the "Interpreter" mode by direct selection (via touch screen, mouse, head or eye tracker) or by scanning (which is built into the software).

Tico uses the full ARASAAC symbol set, a free, open source symbol set anyone can download. January 15, 2010 the ARASAAC Web Portal went live in English and is attempting to be a free, world wide resource for AAC. To use the ARASAAC symbol set with Tico you should download it from the link on the Tico page and follow the (easy and intuitive) instructions to set them up."

We continue working...

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